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  • The Digital Campfire of Social Media and How it Sparked a Book Project

    Greetings from an unseasonably mild but windy Casper Wyoming.  I have a little bit of reflection and a couple of messages related to a local history blog, social media,  and the sparks that lit a book project about one of the wildest little towns of the old west.   Four years ago,  I launched  At […]

  • 21 Observations of Solar Eclipse 2017

    Sometimes time and fate put you together with an event that you never imagined.   That is my story for the 2017 Great American Eclipse.  My employer Casper College happened to be centerline on the path of totality for the Solar Eclipse 2017.  My expectations were tempered partly because of the amount of work required to […]

  • RMUG 2017 Presentation Materials

    I am honored to be entrusted with not just one, but two presentations at the RMUG 2017 conference.  I wish my colleague, Chad Marley, CIO at Laramie County Community College were able to join us, but we will try and do him proud.  Thanks to him for the work throughout the project and for building […]

  • AACC 2017 Review: I found people who would fight for the hope of me"

    I found people who would fight for the hope of me. -Wes Moore, AACC 2017  Opening Keynote I personally had a really great AACC meeting for the following reasons: Wes Moore’s keynote and the quote above set the tone for me. I think he nailed it. That is what community colleges do.  They fight for […]

  • The Magic of a Yellow T-Shirt

    I have told this story a hundred times already, but am finally getting it posted more than a year later.  I must admit my Mario Andretti experience from a previous post runs neck and neck with this one at the top of my ‘brush with fame’ list, but both events were very cool.   In April […]

  • For Your File Naming Convention add "and The Hat size of the Nearest Squirrel”

    I have been involved in moving 2 institutions to Google Apps.  I love and fear what I am seeing as we enter a new era of Digital Asset Creation.  It is so easy to creat documents and digital assets that the volume becomes overwhelming.I love the collaborative nature of these tools and all the other […]

  • The 15 Must Follow Community College CEOs on Twitter 2017

    The 15 Must Follow Community College CEOs on Twitter 2017

    As we approach the 2017 American Association of Community College Conference in New Orleans I thought I would push out my 2017 list of Social Community College CEOs on Twitter.  This list is much larger than the list I started in 2014.  In fact, I only did the Top 12, because that is how few […]

  • My Battles with the Bandwidth Beast

    My Battles with the Bandwidth Beast

    In 2017 we talk about campus bandwidth needs using terms such as IoT (internet of Things)  and BYOD.  When we began our efforts to expand campus bandwidth those terms weren’t widely used. Since that time Casper College has spent approximately $1.7 million on overall network upgrades the past 5 years).  Some of the activities we […]

  • Preparing to Tweet as a Conference Presenter

    The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare. Preparing for social media usage at a conference from the vantage point of a presenter is a little different than as an attendee.  Preparation is key if you want to enable your audience to do the best job of sharing […]

  • The Magic of the Conference Hashtag: An Ellucian Live Primer #elive17

    The Magic of the Conference Hashtag: An Ellucian Live Primer #elive17

    For me…Twitter is another way for this “wee acorn” to mingle with the “giant oaks” of my profession. What is a Hashtag? In general, a hashtag is a word or phrase used in social media conversations which begin with a pound (#) sign and which are written without spaces in between. i.e. #kentbrooks.   The main […]

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