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  • 10…no 11 Reasons to Tweet at #elive19

    10…no 11 Reasons to Tweet at #elive19

    This is first time I have updated this post since I started writing and publishing books. I has always “10 Reason” but I added an 11th entry because it is important. Enjoy! I started tweeting at events when I realized that I was spending as much time and effort tweeting out the most relevant points […]

  • Everyone Hates Their ERP except the Kuali Community…at least for now

    A question begets a question, which begets a question, thus I will  follow up from my last post with a few thoughts and a few more questions I have seen via various channels such as Twitter and blogs.   I have observed the Kuali Community for years now, using both Jenzabar and Ellucian’s Colleague, while […]