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RMUG 2017 Presentation Materials

I am honored to be entrusted with not just one, but two presentations at the RMUG 2017 conference.  I wish my colleague, Chad Marley, CIO at Laramie County Community College were able to join us, but we will try and do him proud.  Thanks to him for the work throughout the project and for building the foundation for the slide deck Dallen, Josh and I will be using.   If you are bored come see us in Cheyenne WY, June 8-9 2017.

Business Continuity at Casper College and Laramie County Community College
Kent Brooks and Dallen Griffith, CC, Josh Barrere, LCCC
Addressing systems continuity in the event of an emergency or disaster is not simple.  It’s tempting to cite budgetary constraints and look the other direction and not do anything.  In the past few years, College Information Systems have moved from very important to mission critical.  Even a minor downtime can cripple institutional operations.

As part of the facilitated discussion in the summer of 2016 Casper College (CC) and Laramie County Community College (LCCC) selected to investigate a shared services project for backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.   This session will provide an overview of the CC/ LCCC proof of concept experience in reviewing and choosing tools and establishing shared protocol.   A main goal of the project was to identify a solution that works for CC/ LCCC and would be scalable to additional college.

Why Colleges Should Take a Page from Amazon to Meet Student Expectations (General)
Kent Brooks, Casper College
College students are accustomed to using highly personalized interactive consumer technologies such as Amazon and Netflix. Enterprise software in higher education has failed to keep up with the personalized nature of software tools. Casper College changed from a traditional campus intranet portal to Classlink’s device agnostic personal cloud desktop for students, faculty, and staff. This cloud-based software tool creates a personalized aggregation point for all campus users to access all their applications and files as well as providing single-sign-on (SSO). The demonstration will reinforce why Classlink provides our users a customized path to all relevant software, apps and files. We will also provide a brief discussion of our experience in developing an integration for Colleague.


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