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  • RMUG 2017 Presentation Materials

    I am honored to be entrusted with not just one, but two presentations at the RMUG 2017 conference.  I wish my colleague, Chad Marley, CIO at Laramie County Community College were able to join us, but we will try and do him proud.  Thanks to him for the work throughout the project and for building […]

  • AACC 2017 Review: I found people who would fight for the hope of me"

    I found people who would fight for the hope of me. -Wes Moore, AACC 2017  Opening Keynote I personally had a really great AACC meeting for the following reasons: Wes Moore’s keynote and the quote above set the tone for me. I think he nailed it. That is what community colleges do.  They fight for […]

  • Portals are a Terrible Thing

    We didn’t have a portal when I arrived at Casper College in 2011. We also had serious budget constraints and other spending priorities when I arrived so the extensive list of expensive commercial portal options we explored…were not actually options. We rolled out an instance of Moodle, our campus LMS, as a temporary portal but […]

  • The Mouse is Watching You

    I always feel like somebody’s watching me -Rockwell Keeping up with all of the new technology coming at us is a difficult if not impossible  task.  If you watch this blog you know that I have been privileged to attend some amazing events and participate in some amazing activities which has helped me keep up […]