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Three MOOCs Provide Opportunities for Learning About Gamification…Right Now

If you want to learn about gamification the timing may be right for you.  There are two upcoming MOOCs on Gamification with January 27th and March 17 start dates and a third one

with  a learn at your own pace schedule.  

University of Pennsylvania’s  Kevin Werbach’s Gamification course on Coursera begins Monday  January 27th  and is an introduction to the concepts and practices of gamification.  Following this course you will  be able to think about applying gamification to your business or your life, and to connect gamification with other fields such as marketing, strategy, IT, psychology, and design.
Iversity’s Gamification Design MOOC  begins March 17th and  teaches the basics of Gamification with a highly practical approach. Their focus is on how to design gamified experiences in real life.  Students  will be able to gain knowledge in areas such as: game design, psychology, management, or education.  Their stated main goal will be to understand and master the principles of gamification to design experiences that make things more fun and engaging.
The third one, Openlearning’s Games in Education: Gamification  has different roots, but still presents general principles of gamification that can be applied to the full range of the learning spectrum, ranging from people with severe disabilities through to post-graduate and professional development applications





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