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Month: January 2014

  • Three MOOCs Provide Opportunities for Learning About Gamification…Right Now

    If you want to learn about gamification the timing may be right for you.  There are two upcoming MOOCs on Gamification with January 27th and March 17 start dates and a third one with  a learn at your own pace schedule.   University of Pennsylvania’s  Kevin Werbach’s Gamification course on Coursera begins Monday  January 27th […]

  • Why did I become a fan of Open Source

    It was 8 or 9 years ago as the CTO of a small rural institution that I began implementing open source solutions for the enterprise. I had always been frustrated that many innovative technologies were out of the financial reach of my institution but the demands for services were continually increasing.I do call this the […]

  • Digium Switchvox Phone System Deployment at Casper College

    Introduction Definition:   VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, which a category of hardware and software enabling people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the public switched telephone network PSTN. VoIP deployments for institutions the size of Casper College (700ish phones) have […]

  • The High Cost of the High Cost of Higher Education

    Future discussion of President Obama’s proposal for free community college will be ugly whether you support the idea or not.  It’s how our political system seems to operate.  Personally, I will be watching as I don’t yet know enough to say whether or not I support any specific proposal although I do generally agree with […]

  • Why Higher Ed must change and how IT can help

    There are truly monster sized challenges in effectively delivering quality technology services in higher education. The size of the monsters small schools are facing are smaller than the larger institutions, but proportionally the threat is the same.  We  really need each other and we need options…and we need to understand Dragons.  Why do we need […]