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Student Hacker? Due Process, Student and Employee Policy

This post is an important reminder of why it is important to follow process and implement process fairly.  This story starts out as an alleged student hacking case at Rogers State University and evolves or devolves (depending on your point of view I suppose) in a wild set of circumstances. It is newsworthy on the national stage as there are 2 separate Chronicle of Higher Education Articles. Many lives were impacted collaterally as contracts weren’t renewed and students left the institution.   It happened in our backyard so I am not sure why I don’t recall seeing any of this in the local or state news.  There is plenty of drama during before, after and probably repercussions are heard at Rogers State University to this day.  I have reported in my disruptive technology articles (Time Space and Globalization) about the website This site essentially talks about the changes in journalism and the death of the traditional news media. The aftermath section below is an interesting statement about the power of a citizen journalist to make information available about someone (right or wrong in this case I don’t know) in a very public format.  Happy Reading. This is definitely a case study in how not to do things at a public higher education and possibly a lesson in how the web can impact public sentiment about a person.
See Page 14 of the Editorial to read about the “low speed car chase” Interesting!
The Court Papers
The Aftermath





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