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  • Blackboard feels heat from Moodle.. gives a 'free' version

    Blackboard has lost some market share to Moodle and Blackboard but they are firing back.
    Ray Henderson, president of the Blackboard Learn platform mentioned at Educause last week that Blackboard will be rolling out a free version of its latest products, which will be both hosted and supported, directly to teachers. Blackboard’s first foray into providing a free version of its services was actually forced upon it when it acquired Elluminate earlier this year.

    Video: Face-Off Moodle v. Blackboard

    To apply an idea from Chris Anderson, author of Free, Blackboard might beat Moodle’s “free” by becoming even more free. Blackboard is taking aim to undercut Moodle. For years Moodle has leveraged its zero cost to attract organizations with the wherewithal to install and manage the software. With this move, however, Blackboard eliminates barriers that previously prevented individual teachers from adopting an LMS.

  • Google Trends Analysis of Moodle

    Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., about Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. The horizontal axis of the main graph represents time (starting from some time in 2004), and the vertical is how often a term is searched for relative to the total number of searches, globally.[1] Below the main graph, popularity is broken down by region, city and language. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.  In the chart below I have charted a comparison for our LMS, Moodle, our former LMS WebCT,  an open source alternative Sakai as well as market leaders Blackboard and D2L.  Note the changes in the lines in the 2006 -2007 time frame when we completed our transition from WebCT to Moodle
    Here is the link the live Trend Analysis of Moodle

    Just for fun I have included a couple more:
    Trend Analysis of Open Office
    Trend Analysis of Tandberg